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It is being said that the general instability globally today is a contributory factor to the many
initiatives towards unity that are currently being made by churches throughout the world. Different
groupings are seeking for it and often do not know of other similar moves taking place – some big,
some local, but all of significance.

A pioneer book: ‘Grass roots unity’ by Connie Ho Yan Au (ISBN 978-1-60899-561-5) also discerns
that the conferences organised by the Fountain Trust (and later SOMA and ICCOWE (now ICC)
were a clear precedent and led up to what is happening now. This is especially true of the Guildford
Conference of 1971 and the World Conference, ‘Brighton’91’, held in Brighton, England.

The World Council of Churches is well-known for pursuing the more intellectual path towards unity,
while those involved in the Charismatic Renewal saw a oneness being experienced effortlessly
between those with hugely different doctrinal positions. Both pathways are needed.

Now perhaps we are seeing these two ways of pursuing unity beginning to converge, as evidenced
by the ‘Global Christian Forum’. This fairly recently formed Body meets regularly and encompasses
all shades and colours. See
globalchristianforum.org and feel your heart quicken!

The second gathering of the Global Christian Forum took place in Indonesia October 4-7, 2011. The
theme was 'Life together in Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit'. One group was given the
task of 'listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches.' Christian world communions were
invited, Ecumenical organisations, Evangelical/Pentecostal/Charismatic organisations,Orthodox
Patriarchates, the Catholic Church,
Regional Councils, Conferences, Alliances, covering all
geographical areas, all traditions, mega churches and migrant churches, men, women, young and the
more experienced.

The report from 'Global Christian Forum', please click here.

Recently there has been the 100th anniversary of the Week of prayer for Christian Unity. In the last
decade there has been the emergence of an International House of Prayer in Kansas City, USA,
which makes use of modern technology to foster prayer and mission across the different time zones
throughout the world. (www.PrayerWatch2010.com) Mass prayer movements have also been in
themselves, ecumenical events, which also now often merge with mission enterprises.

Another significant development is the ‘Centro Gathering in the Holy Spirit’ whose next project is a
conversation between Catholics and non-Denominational groups. This was conceived during the
special Pentecost weekend in Rome in 1998.

Fr Michael, whose lifelong passion was this very thing, will be rejoicing, for he thought that such
moves towards unity would happen just before the Lord returns. Well, maybe we are just before the
Lord returns. Maranatha! Even so, come Lord Jesus!

So – watch this space and let us keep praying as we receive information. Please get in touch if you
have comments or any news to share.


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