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Some of the delegates, at the Conference

Coptic Orthodox Bishop Marcos is among others at
this 1983 SOMA Conference.
These met for what became a famous cup of

Michael arranged for the Gang of Three to have
a cup of tea together at the 1983 'All Africa'
Conference in Kenya - and ICCOWE was born!
(International Consultation On World
Evangelism). Pictured here: Michael, Larry
Christenson (Lutheran) and Fr.Tom Forrest
Father Michael Harper Foundation
Bishop Basil Meeking (of the Office of Christian
Unity, Rome)
joins the ICCOWE Executive for this
The 'Gang of Three' becomes a Gang of Nine

Vins Synan, USA pentecostal leader  join the gang.
The others
were to join later.
Ministry following an ICCOWE committee in

Bishop Ban It Chiu, of Singapore, used in a
deliverance ministry in the prison there, and the
Archbishop of Cape Town listen to Michael.
One of the Dialogues in Rome

Working out the theological basis for what God
was doing across the board in the Church
world-wide, was the remit of these Dialogues.
Participants were Catholics, Pentecostals and
Anglicans mainly, and they met annually in Rome
for about twenty years.
The 'wailing wall', Jerusalem

All major churches were represented at a large
Prayer Conference at Jerusalem to prepare for
‘Brighton’91, the World Conference shortly
The ICCOWE Executive

Top left, the Thai Pentecostal pastor, Kringsak
Chareonwonsak, Vins Synan, Fr Tom Forrest. Front
left: Larry Christenson, Michael and Kim Kollins
(involved in bridge -building then and currently).
Brighton '91 World Conference session

300100 privately invited Leaders of leaders,
covering the six continents and all church groupings
– learned the power of sharing leadership for
missions in their own areas from this conference.
Dramatic results were to follow.
A break between sessions to enjoy the

Protesters here only gave the occasion
more prominence – which the national
newspapers underlined.
One of the conferences that followed on the
Brighton '91 Conference.
Relaxing before another Executive meeting
Another follow-up Conference to Brighton '91
John 13 happening in the 20th century!

The power of God was palpable and felt by the
many thousands attending a Conference in
Rimini, Italy, as the leaders from Catholic,
Protestants and Orthodox knelt in repentance
before one another on the platform. It was a
taste of the unity of heaven as many tears
were shed. Michael, seen here on the platform,
was newly Orthodox and spoke powerfully on
the Lord’s desire to heal all divisions.
Some of the new Executive of ICCOWE
Two regional conferences resulting from
Brighton '91 took place in Prague (above).

They had significant theological workshops
running concurrently. They were attended by
key theologians from all over the world, and
all churches. Much was accomplished as
Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants met daily.
The main Conferences  were also especially
blessed because of the ratio between East and
West Europe and between Catholics and
Protestants. One Orthodox service (the
‘Litya’) was quiet and  very moving. All
participants received anointing from
Metropolitan Kallistos Ware.
The original 'Gang of three

Michael is remembering how different he looks as
an Orthodox!
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