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Michael and 'Mr. Pentecost’

David Duplessis whose ministry as a Pentecostal to
Catholics – and all the churches – inspired Michael.
Frank Maguire whose visits to us at All Souls,
Langham Place, guided Michael in the early days.
The trustees of the Fountain Trust

Left to right: Noel Davson, Eric Houfe, Geoffrey
Gould, Dr. David Ford, Bill Grant (of the Nights of
Michael and Cecil Cousen (centre)

Cecil, editor of the magazine ‘Voice of faith’
- another encouragement to Michael.
Michael and Jeanne with Cardinal Suenens

Cardinal Suenens was a close friend of Michael’s and
stalwart of the Renewal in the Catholic Church.
Brother Andrew with young people, after
challenging them to evangelise at a Fountain Trust
(He now leads 'Open Doors').
Jean Darnall, Dennis and Rita Bennet

These ministered at meetings all over the country,
(Dennis speaking on the Renewal of his Church in the
Brochure of a historic Conference in 1971

This event at Guildford led to the Fountain Trust
being replicated in other parts of the world. It
was said at the time that ‘the Renewal has
come of age.’
Some responses to the Guildford Conference
More responses to the Guildford Conference
The speakers at the Guildford Conference

The tallest of these was a Catholic, Kevin Ranaghan,
the key of the blessing being its ecumenical character.
'Cathedral of the Holy Spirit': venue of the
Guildford Conference
Michael with the Rev Harry Cooke

Harry Cooke was the vicar of Burley Anglican parish
near Leeds, one of the many parishes that caught the
vision of combining liturgy with the operation of the
gifts of the Spirit (as experienced at Fountain Trust
The Dean joins us on the platform at the
Guildford Cathedral

With the Dean and Michael and Jeanne is the Rev
Tom Smail who succeeded Michael as Director of
the Fountain Trust.
A typical Fountain Trust meetings in central

Fountain Trust meetings were usually held in the
Central Hall, Westminster, with worship led by
Jeanne Harper from the piano.
Worship at a 'Glory in the Church' event

‘Glory in the Church’ meetings were held in
Cathedrals around the country. There was no
amplification at the back of this Cathedral
(Worcester) because they had never had people
filling the back before!
Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom (featured in the book,
‘Hiding Place’ by John and Tib Sherrill)
spoke at Fountain Trust Conferences and
elsewhere about her forgiveness of the
Germans who were responsible for her
family’s terrible suffering in concentration
Michael in action

Michael was known as a low-key
Englishman, so - no need to fear his
Michael praying for someone

Every meeting would be followed by an opportunity
for people to be prayed for.
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