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                                  Books written by Michael Harper

Prophecy, a gift for the Body of Christ                      1963*
Power for the Body of Christ                                     1964*
As at the beginning                                                   1965*                
Walk in the Spirit (Walking in the Spirit   USA)          1966*
Spiritual Warfare                                                       1968*                
None can guess                                                         1971*                        
A new way of living                                                    1973*
Glory in the Church                                                    1975         
Let my people grow                                                    1977*        
Bishops' Move (editor)                                               1978                
This is the day (The Three Sisters   USA)                    1979*
Beauty or Ashes                                                          1979        
You are my sons (Live by the Spirit   USA)                  1980*
The Harvest of the Spirit                                              1982
The love affair                                                              1983*        
That we may be one                                                     1984*                
Jesus the healer                                                           1986*        
These wonderful gifts!                                                 1989*        
Equal and different                                                       1994        
The True Light (A Faith Fulfilled - USA)                        1997*
The waves keep coming in                                            2008

* = published in the United States also
Note: Nine of these books are on line (see
Books). Two can be purchased from the Foundation
Office: ‘Jesus the Healer’ and ‘Faith Fulfilled’. Others may be included later.

Some notes on the books:

‘As at the beginning’ – an important history of the first half of the twentieth century and how the
move of the Spirit which brought about the Pentecostal churches led on to  the Charismatic Renewal.
(May be downloaded from the books section – here.)

‘Spiritual Warfare’ may also be downloaded from this website. A largely forgotten but vital dimension
to the Christian life.

‘You are My Sons’ – a key book – please download it here!

‘The Love Affair’ – perhaps the most important of all the books by Fr. Michael. It is endorsed by
quotations from the Fathers. May also be downloaded – click here.

‘Jesus, the Healer’. This comprehensive study of healing is realistic, for all are not healed, but leaves
one full of faith, for Jesus is ‘the same yesterday and for ever.’ It was originally called ‘The healings
of Jesus’. May be ordered from the Foundation office.

‘Equal and different’ – a thorough, scriptural and perceptive analysis of the current trends relating to
gender, and their effect on society. Please click here if you want to download.

‘A Faith Fulfilled’. This substantial book is about Orthodoxy, the hidden Treasure which Fr. Michael
discovered in his sixties. A wide-ranging book with analysis of the nature of Truth and the price of
departing from it. Obtainable from the Foundation at £10 plus postage.
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