Father Michael Harper Foundation
‘A New Canterbury Tale’

This booklet told the story of the
committee meetings leading up to the first
pre-Lambeth Conference in 1978, which
led to the formation of SOMA. Prophecies
gave specific directions at each one, and
at the Conference Eucharist in Canterbury
Cathedral the bishops danced for joy at
their fulfilment.
The beginning of ICCOWE

The International Charismatic Consultation
on World Evangelism
Conference Gathering with Indian Bishops

Another conference with Indian ‘Ma
Thoma’ church Bishop Timotheus (in pink)
in the centre.
SOMA in Africa

SOMA in Swahili meaning read probably
comes from the fact that Christians wanted to
learn to read the Bible.
The Gang of Three (ICCOWE)

The Gang of Three – so-called because
Michael invited Lutheran Rev. Larry
Christenson and Roman Catholic Fr. Tom
Forrest for a cup of tea – famous
because it led on to the formation of
ICCOWE, now called ICC – International
Charismatic Consultation which later put
on the Brighton ’91 World Conference
hosting 3,100 Leaders of leaders from all
churches and all six continents.
All Africa Conference (1983) - ICC

This hosted Orthodox and indigenous
churches with all in between, uniquely with
no theme, but simply to seek God together.
And He blessed remarkably – especially the
bishops who came to receive blessing for
their people but were doubly blessed
themselves. Archbishop George Brown of
Liberia, front row, left, spoke of Judgment
to Liberia’s violent leader – who forthwith
stopped his killings.
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SOMA Conference at Fiji

Michael is honoured by being asked to
drink a special Fijian potion.
Delegates at Fiji SOMA Conference
The Gang of Nine

Some were absent but the Gang of
Three became the Gang of Nine. In this
photo Bishop Basil Meeking of the
Catholic Office of unity joined them.
Others of The Gang of Nine
European Charismatic Consultation 1982

This committee was a key body leading
the Renewal on the continent of Europe.
The two major conferences were at
Strasbourg and Birmingham, England
(see next photograph).
Acts '86 European Conference
(Birmingham, UK)
Brochure of one of the
pre-Lambeth Canterbury
(ten-yearly) Conferences.
Coptic Orthodox Bishop Marcos
(Egypt), with fellow African bishops
SOMA Canada Board
SOMA New Zealand Board
SOMA in Europe

Front row in the centre is Peter Ball
SOMA ‘rep’ for Europe. To his right is
The Rev. Don Brewin, who became
SOMA UK National Director until 2007.
SOMA Australia Board
SOMA International Board meets in
the Warrens' home

Michael and Gillie Warren very kindly
lent us their home in Sussex for
residential Board meeting – a real gift
to us with its beautiful gardens and
Brighton '91 - ICC

This unique event could not have
happened earlier because we were not
ready, but it could not have happened
later because of the increasing political
instability all over the world.
Brighton '91 - the Archbishop of

This picture was featured on the
front page of the Times newspaper
with reports of the Conference
proceedings included.
Regional Conference following
Brighton '91
ICCOWE in Malaysia

Devadas, Conference administrator,
Michael and Jeanne with Michael’s later
successor as leader of ICC: Charles
Whitehead, and his wife, Sue.
Giovanni Traettino (left) ICC

Pentecostal Leader in Italy, Giovanni
Traettino, Orthodox Bishop Hilarion
Alfeyev and Father Michael, as he now
is, in the Orthodox Church. (Giovanni
was God’s instrument of reconciliation
between the Catholics and Pentecostals,
after the war in which Pentecostals had
suffered terribly.)
Metropoliton John and Fr. Michael.
Metropolitan John in front of King's
College Cambridge (below)
'I've come home!'

Fr Michael is one of many who feel
when they become Orthodox that
they have come home. There is no
need to look anywhere else!
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