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Michael and the Rev Larry Christenson (Lutheran)

Michael and Larry’s linking up – along with other
leaders such as Arnold Bittlinger and Wilhard
Becker – presaged the coming of the Renewal to
the Continent.
The first European Committee 1973

Left to right: David Duplessis, Rodman Williams
(theologian), Arnold Bittlinger, Athanasios
Emmert, (Orthodox), Michael Harper, John
McTernan, (Pentecostal layman from Italy) and
Albert de Monleon (Catholic).
European Conference organised by the 'ECC'

This is the first big Conference organized by the
‘European Charismatic Consultation’ (ECC). It
was held in Strasbourg in 1982. Michael was one
of the speakers.
Michael with Thomas Roberts

Thomas Roberts was a Welshman who became
the architect of the Renewal in France.
ECC leaders

On Michael’s right is the outstanding Finnish
evangelist in Russia and other parts of Eastern
Europe: Kalevi Lehtinen. He was a prominent
leader of ‘Campus Crusade’ and interpreted for
Billy Graham when he visited Finland.
The Berlin Wall
Despite strong Catholic protests, the Communists
demolished a beautiful church in Berlin and built an
edifice on top of it. The ‘Revenge’ consists in the
appearance of a Cross on the ball they constructed,
seen here between the arches, which the sun
regularly lights up. The cross is clearly defined on
all its four edges.
Michael speaks in a packed church in East Berlin

There was a joy here we had not encountered
elsewhere. ‘..rejoicing they were counted worthy to
suffer..’ Acts 5 v 41)
'Acts '86' Conference in Birmingham

An outstanding event – the second Conference
organized by the ECC. The Biblical reference is
significant! (Acts 8, verse 6). A large surplus
enabled funding for future evangelization but
halfway we felt like Pharoah was behind us
and the Nile in front!
Michael meets Pope Paul

Michael had the opportunity to meet Pope Paul in
1976. He had shown his appreciation of Catholic
Charismatic worship during a service at St. Peter’s,
Some time off for Michael

Michael was trapped in a hotel near here with
an early plane due – but the views made up for
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